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Discovering Rome with an homely bed & breakfast and a good restaurant

For many tourists visiting Rome is going to take a picture of Colosseum, walk in Imperial Fora, turn to St. Peter’s Square,  shopping along Via del Corso and eating frozen pizza in an expensive, but not good, restaurant on Piazza Navona. But what is more beautiful than plunge yourself  in the local atmosphere when you travel? To pass unforgettable days as a true resident of the city, enjoy the traditional cuisine, feel part of the country we are visiting. In order to do this in Rome, there are two most important things to consider when we decide to go: choose the right accommodation to catch the smells, the moods, the positives and, why not, negatives local aspect, and enjoy the city with the “true” traditional Roman dishes.

The website Bed and breakfast Roma answers to the first need. For those who want to get closer to the Eternal City for a few days or longer, maybe for a few weeks, the site is an excellent starting point, especially because it helps the tourists to seek the best and most affordable accommodation.

Among the many solutions offered by the portal, bed and breakfast in Rome center to meet every need, whether you opt for a luxury holiday whether we are a young couple who decides to make a cheap travel. And for longer stays there is a wide choice of apartments, supplied with clean linen and your own kitchen. Booking is really easy .. you can check the availability of the structure during the planned dates and choose the best you like, or choose between the proposals of the month that are updated from time to time.

Once choose your accommodation, you  can finally spend time discovering Rome. And what is the best way to do it? Certainly going to look for the typical dishes of the city, those mothers still cook during the Sunday lunch when their children go to meet them.

In Largo de’ Librari 88, near Campo de’ Fiori square, hidden by the uniqueness of the church in miniature, which is the backdrop of the street,  stands Dar Filettaro. If you want to have an unusual happy hour, equip yourself with patience and let the queue. You will be rewarded by the quality of popular roman cod’s fillets, which you can eat in the magic square nearby. But if you really want to stop, sit on wood boards with checkered tablecloths and ask for a glass of red wine from the Castelli Romani.

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Taste the famous “giudia artichokes”  from Giggetto in Via del Portico d’Ottavia 21. The restaurant was opened in 23 by Giggetto and Sora Ines, the queen of the artichokes. Enjoy the artichoke leaf by leaf, until you get to the heart, the most tender and flavorful.

Pajata” is one of the truest roman culinary tradition fundamental pillar. Delicate and delicious, it should be enjoyed with rigatoni, strong red sauce and huge grated pecorino. The taste may not appeal to everyone, since “pajata” is the suckling calf intestine, but we must try to judge. Oio a casa mia in Via Galvani 43 is the best restaurant to have this experience, as well as in addition to a menu in honor of roman dishes, it is also a pretty good environment as a outline. As is well worth a visit Cecchino in Via Monte Testaccio 30, which is not the cheapest restaurant in Rome, but it is the keeper of a great tradition: here it was born another traditional important dish, the “coda alla vaccinara”, the oxtail.

Finally, we must conclude our evening with the classic “grattachecca” (water ice with sweet syrup and fruit). At the edge of Trastevere there is the Fonte dell’oro, on the other hand there is Sora Mirella  on the lungotevere Anguillari, doyenne of this specialty, or Sora Lella in Porta Cavalleggeri, who offers special grattachecche with seasonal fruit.


Bed& if you’re looking for a really homely accommodation this website is for you!


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