St Valentine in Europe: the top 5 destinations in love

Take the one you love on a flight of fancy this Valentine’s.  According to Traveller, the Easyjet magazine, here we are the top five destinations we’re head over heels for.

Verona-mindthetripVerona. Forever remembered as the home of Romeo and Juliet, fair Verona provides the ideal setting for your very own love story. Offering a perfect match of history, art and culture, this beautiful Italian city honours St Valentine like nowhere else on earth. From 14-17 february, the streets will be lit by heart-shaped lanterns for the annual “Verona in love” celebrations. Concerts and exhibitions will take place right across town, while restaurants have specially designed menus.

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Paris. As the city ofParigi Montmartre-mindthetrip love and light, Paris knows a thing or two about romance. Enjoy the shabby-chic delights of the Latin Quarter, watch the sunset from the hilltop village of Montmartre or take a moonlit stroll along the banks of the River Seine. The end the perfect day with a champagne supper in a bistro and whisper sweet nothings by candlelight.

Prague. If your beloved has yearning for fairy-tale romance, there’s no better place to woo them than the captivating city of Prague. The Czech capital is at its most beautiful over the winter months, with snow on castle rooftops and cathedral spires. Enjoy the sights from the back of a horse-drawn carriage or take a cruise along the River Vitava, before meandering, hand in hand, through the winding, cobbled streets.

Istanbul-mindthetripIstanbul. Exotic, enchanting and irresistible, the ancient city of Istanbul is a true Turkish delight for couples. Find one another unique gifts in the famous Grand Bazaar, with over 5.500 vendors offering everything from silks and carpets to costume jewelry. Then indulge in a luxuriously steamy Turkish bath, the perfect aphrodisiac for your sweet Valentine.

Copenhagen. Snuggle under the stars and gaze at the heavens from Copenhagen’s Round Tower. This 17th century observatory will be opening its doors on 14 february for a Valentine’s viewing of the twinkling night shy. Peek through telescopes for a close-up view of the moon. The Danish capital also offers a guide of the best place to enjoy a romantic embrace, with its very own kissing guide.

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