Exploring the East Sardinia

Famous all around the world for its crystalline waters and white sandy beaches, Sardinia is not only “sun and sea”, but also tradition, culture and cuisine. Surrounded in the Mediterranean Sea, this island has a pristine habitat with a landscape where you can still find the Nuraghic civilization remains. For its mild climate, Sardigna (as it is called by Sardinian people) can be explored during all the course of the year. In fact, beyond the beautiful sea, we can also discover the hinterland, organize trips or trekking on foot and by bike.

Very close to the village of Posada, in the north east of Sardinia, crops up the Agriturismo Irghitula. Agriturismo IrghitulaThe ten rooms are all big and comfortable, ready to warm your heart with their Sardinia colors and style. Very interesting the kitchen in common that allows you to organize your meals in complete freedom and above all free. But you have not to forget that owners will think about the breakfast, served in the large arcade, outside: the Irghitula breakfast will allow you to enjoy the delicious and authentic local flavors.

If you stay here, you will discover the small village of Posada. Casteddu Agriturismo Irghitula 2de sa Fae, Castle of Fava, with its square tower, dominates the plain below and stands proudly on top of the small Posada. Lost between the steep stairways, the arches, the squares and the narrow streets, admire the view of the sea, taste the local dishes. And when you are tired to get around, return to the Irghitula and relax by the pool, in front of the beauty of the Sardinian countryside landscapes, while if you prefer the sea, beaches will only stay at 4 km far away.

The opportunities for trekking are so many. In the length between Dorgali-Baunei, you can try a route to the Nuraghe Gorropu, that it will cost you only 3 and a half hours of walking. For the same time, always moving from Dorgali to Valley Lanaittu in Oliena, you can try the route that comes to the n uraghic village of Tiscali, a great interest archaeological site. The village is accessed by a staircase: the caretaker will welcome you, but before you have to alert him by a bell.

Leaving the car on Monte Maccione, you can walk to the summit of Monte Corrasi, trekking sardegnawhere you can enjoy a breathtaking view: your eyes can see directly to Nuoro and Orgosolo one hand, Dorgali and coastline of Cala Gonone from other. Instead, from Cala Luna, you can enter in the forest directly, then, moving on to Scale S’Arga and on large trees that cling to the rocks, go into the Codula de Luna and the bed of the river. The landscape is beautiful: you can walk on a stretch of sand, the sides of the walls that surround the Codula.

Just 46 minutes from Posada,  the ancient Nugoro, Nuoro, awaits you with its history, its mild climate and its many attractions. In the Nuoro charming historic center you can admire the Cathedral with its local artists paintings and the San Simplicio church with its beautiful frontage; you can stroll along the narrow and winding streets, typical of the agricultural centers; you can visit the Museum of Folk sardines to discover a little more about this magical land; buy a souvenir in Corso Garibaldi, a showcase of local craft production with its carved wooden masks and handmade rugs. Then, how does not mention the food: classic cuisine is influenced by the tradition of Nuoro local ministry. Try the curritholata, a bean soup flavored with fennel, bacon and sausage, and the famous white nougat with almonds, mixed with honey and orange peel.

If you decide to spend your summer holidays in Sardinia and not to give up to its charming sea, you can choose to stay in a b&b in La Caletta. Located in a very strategic point from where you can reach many beautiful places on this island, the b&b Sa Marina is located just outside the pedestrian area of La Caletta, only 300m to the sea.b&b Sa Marina No problem for parking: cars, bikes and motorcycles are all arranged in the courtyard, private and secure. Each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, fridge and TV. Breakfast is served on the veranda or in the air-conditioned lounge. A familiar and cozy habitat will welcome you with pleasure, advising on numerous trips to do, places to see, where to eat. A few meters from the b&b there are all the necessary amenities: from supermarkets to the post office, from the pharmacy to shops and restaurants.

Seven kilometers from the seaside resort Sinicola, south of Olbia, La Caletta is dominated by a beautiful coastal tower and a port well equipped. The scenery is really beautiful, la calettawith woods of oaks, mature trees and a rich fauna. Where now stands the port, before Portus Liguidonis mastered one of the most important landing places of the ancient Romans. From here the ship Imperatrice makes daily cruises in the Orosei Gulf, where you will not miss to see the famous Cala Gonone, the slight Baunei and granitic mountain of Monte Senes of Irgoli. In the evening on the main street the lights switch on and the party starts, between the stands, carousels and shops.

If you tire of La Caletta beach, also called long beach for its 5km in length, to the north you will find the beach of San Giovanni, where you can admire the Aragonese tower, while to the south the Saint Lucia and Confetti beaches are waiting from you.

The luxurious Emerald Coast awaits you in a little over an hour away from La Caletta. Heart of the coast is Porto Cervo, where there are beautiful and unforgettable beaches and as that of Capriccioli where you can see the Soffi and Camere islands of La Maddalena National Park; the Prince beach, from which it takes its name from the Prince Aga Khan, one of the promoters of the Emerald Coast in the 60s.

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Whether you come for a summer holiday or a trip outside the city, we can not sample the Sardinian cuisine, so varied and characterized by agropastoral culture, enriched in the history of the various contacts and exchanges fregula e cozzebetween the different Mediterranean cultures, first of all the Spanish one. The malloreddus, the semolina dumplings flavored with saffron, culurgiones, dumplings stuffed with ricotta and mint, the famous fregula with clams, frattau and carasau bread and how not to mention the porceddu, a suckling pig cooked very slowly on a spit flavored with myrtle and rosemary: they are only some of the typical Sardinian dishes.

Whether you choose to go to Sardinia for its beautiful beaches, whether you decide to spend a weekend in the inside, Sardinia will amaze you, excite you and take you by the hand in its culture, discovering the history and the tradition

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  1. Caterina

    Non sono mai stata in questa parte della Sardegna. Sono sempre andata ad ovest, da Alghero in sù. Credo che quest’anno proverò la parte orientale.. Mi avete fatto venire una voglia..!!!!! La Sardegna è una terra stupenda. Complimenti per l’articolo e grazie per i consigli. Caterina

  2. Giovanni

    per chi vuole godersi la Sardegna, può iniziare a godersela da Aprile fino ad Ottobre, clima perfetto.

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